Dynamic Automatic Gearbox Oil Change Service

Marius Garage Limerick offers a dynamic automatic gearbox oil change. We have well trained personnel and specialist equipment to perform this latest service.

How does the dynamic gearbox oil change and how does it compare to the traditional static service?

In the traditional method the oil is changed by draining the old, used oil replacing a filter and refilling with a new oil. But this procedure doesn’t ensure the entire oil change. In fact only 45-50% of the oil is changed in the gearbox this way. Please have a look at the image below.

Static automatic gearbox oil change

Marked with green colour is the new oil, red is the old oil remaining after a static oil change. In this case the two oils get mixed when the pump starts to run. This results in only minimal oil properties improvement.

Dynamic automatic gearbox oil change on the other hand allows on overall 100% oil change. The service is initiated with flushing out the used oil under pressure and finishes with refilling the gearbox with fresh, new oil. This protects the gearbox and ensures better overall longevity.

dynamic automatic gearbox oil change

The equipment

To perform the dynamic oil change we use the ATF Extra machine. The ATF Extra is an equipment for a dynamic oil change in automatic gearboxes. It allows flushing the gearbox with specialist cleaning fluid and after the cleaning phase, replacing the old oil with a new one.

TRANSWAY ATF EXTRA dynamic oil change equipment

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