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Performance Remapping


Did you know that from Chip tuning and remapping you can gain up to 15% economy and up to 30% increased power. Chip Tuning is the action of modifying the engine computer’s software to increase the engine’s power and torque (its efficiency). The manufacturer does not tune each car individually, so he leaves the endurance reserve for the engine. By approaching each car individually and the needs of its owner, we are able to increase or decrease the engine power.

Why is it worth to do chip tuning ? If you want your car to meet your expectations in terms of power, torque, acceleration or dynamics then chip tuning is for you. Nowadays, chip tuning is rapidly growing and gaining popularity due to being noninvasive and above all due to its effectiveness in improving many aspects of vehicle use. Additionally, we can also lower fuel consumption by properly tuning the engine. Do you want to check how much power your car can get?


Get your car remapped by professionals


✅ DPF Removal / DPF off – DPF delete remapping

✅ Get your car remapped by professionals

✅ NCT Compliant

✅ Increase BHP and Torque

✅ Turning off air intake manifold valves (air flaps)

✅ Lifetime warranty on all software

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